If the make-up is professionally done, one may want to experiment before the day of the session. Coordinate lipstick with the outfit worn. Stay away from makeup fads, since you want your look to stand the test of time. Accent the eyes using mascara and eyeliner, eye shadow should be used sparingly.  A light foundation or base gives the complexion an even tone.  Use powder to eliminate shine, a blusher gives the skin a healthy glow.

Make sure the makeup base you use matches your natural shade or your head will appear pasted on. When you are inspecting your makeup, look at your neck and whatever body that is exposed to be sure it's the same color and brightness as your face. Blend well and be sure there are no lines or edges, especially near the jaw line where the makeup ends.

Brides should double check with their bridesmaids. Try to get their makeup to match so they don't have a heavily made up one next to a girl who hates makeup.

The following items are some good items to include to remember to include in your makeup bag, loose powder with brush facial wipes, facial blotter cloths, a small comb, mini hair spray, small pressed powder compact, bobby pins, and lip balm.

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