It is important to plan ahead for your outdoor session. Weather is the first consideration. Outdoor portraits can't be taken in the rain or when the wind is blowing harder than a breeze. Another problem is the day after a hard rain, everything will be muddy. Call the day before your appointment if you are uncertain if a rescheduling will be needed.

Changing Clothing can also be a challenge in many of the outdoor locations. Restrooms and changing rooms may not always be available. It is a good idea for ladies & men to wear a work-out top and shorts or swimsuit under their first outfit. When you change outfits & need to change in your car or use our large reflectors to change behind, it won't be embarrassing.

Because outdoor portraits have a natural look and feeling you should bring clothing that is more casual. Cotton or Flannel shirts, jeans, sweaters, jean/leather jackets, summer tops with shorts or casual skirts, etc. Elegant clothing will generally work on the beach, but not at traditional outdoor locations.

Seated posing or posing that is taken in a 3/4 length style often works best to increase the facial size, while showing at least some of the scene in front of and behind you.

Men and women can do full length portraits barefoot, however if you don't want to go barefoot, bring the correct color socks & shoes.

When it comes to clothing, always bring several more outfits than you will need. If you wish to add flavor to the portrait bring extras such as sun glasses and hats. Sunglass reflection will not be a problem, because the eye can't be seen, however prescription glasses will glare when outside and should not be worn!

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