Proper arrangement need to be made with the church. The church needs to be opened & air-conditioned before the start time. Allow enough time for the photographer to set up his equipment before shooting. The church also needs to know the amount of time needed after the ceremony to do portraits. People in the background turning off the lights, cleaning, and taking down decorations while portraits are being taken does not work.

Write out special requests ahead of time & inform photographer of any changes in times or places as soon as they occur. Make sure sure the photographer is aware of any special ceremonies, and when they might happen.

Make sure everyone knows the schedule. If someone is late, it will cause important pictures to be missed or rushed. 

The better organized you are in planning for specific picture times during the day, the more time you'll have to relax and enjoy your special day with loved ones.

The guys should pick their tuxes up as soon as they are allowed to and try them on!  Make sure they fit properly. This includes the shirts and shoes.

Inform the photographer of any sensitive situations such as step parents, divorced parents, or recently deceased grandparents.

Hairdressers have probably caused more brides to be late than any other than any other reason.  Make sure your hairdresser knows the time we need the photography to start, not the ceremony which is several hours later.  It is a good idea to have more than one hairdresser if there are several bridesmaids. 

Some hair designs may be very elegant but long hair strands or curls covering your eyes can cast shadows on your face and look terrible in pictures.

If you have very young children in your wedding party, an adult other than those in the bridal party should be available to supervise the children.

Make sure the limo driver knows the schedule, both before and after the ceremony.  It is important they donít schedule another job too soon after your ceremony.

Everyone in the wedding party should bring sunglasses to the wedding for use in the photos.

Avoid choosing flowers with long spikes, they are hard to photograph and can intrude into portraits. Pure white bouquets do not shoot well; the bouquet should have a little color in it.

Men will often stand with feet shoulder width apart and hands clasped in the front of the body. When the groomsmen (or ushers) are standing at the altar, they should stand feet slightly apart, hands at sides, and try not to slouch.

Brides should walk down the aisle slowly, head up, bouquet tipped slightly forward. Don't stare at the floor and walk solemnly.

Abstain from alcohol until the portraits are taken or the album will be filled with intoxicated smiles and bloodshot eyes.

Table shots are not recommend at the reception as they are usually not the most favorable picture for the subjects. A lot of the time people will be in the middle the meal and have food in their mouth or plates piled up with food. We recommend an announcement be made by the DJ to come over to a backdrop, allowing the portrait done under better conditions.

Your nervousness will diminish as the day unfolds, and by the end of the day you won't want to regret having been in the background of your own wedding. It is a celebration!

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