In our everyday existence we don't usually think about how photographs affect our lives but the fact is they are our most treasured possessions. For most people, the family is the most important thing to them. When we are separated portraiture bring us together. Portraits can bring back memories of those who have left us. 

Family members seem to change so fast. Often times it's hard to remember how people looked without the aid of a photograph. One of the most important reasons to have a family portrait taken is for this family record. You know what your great-grandparents looked liked because they took the time to have photographs made. Most families often say that someday they'll have a family portrait created. It can be for any a number of reasons Ė we are going to have more children, I need to lose some weight, or Iím too busy right now. You may never get another chance.  

If your house where to destroyed by a tornado or fire the first thing you would want to save afterwards are the family photographs. Things like your great grandparents picture, wedding photographs, portraits of your parents, and other important images. Make the decision today to provide a special gift for yourself and for generations to come. A portrait from Butalla Photography stands as a beautiful permanent record of your familyís life.

Looking for that special gift for love one? How about a portrait of you or your family for your special loved one? Imagine that portrait taken at a meaningful location or in the comfort of your own home with a traditional studio backdrop. From engagement portraits, to bridal portraits, soft and romantic portraits, mother and baby portraits, to portraits of your entire family throughout the lifespan, let Butalla Photography create the perfect image.


Because every moment in your life and your family's life exists only for a brief second - than it's erased forever.


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